Your Proactive Accounting Advisor

You went into business to thrive, not struggle. You don’t have rose-colored glasses, but you do have goals and a vision for what you want from your business. 


Unfortunately, struggle is exactly what many business owners do. Accounting and finance are often the source of that struggle. They’re also the area most business owners are least familiar and comfortable with. 


Picture your financial situation right now. Think about the cash coming in, the expenses going out, and the ebb and flow of your bank account. 


Now imagine a hidden issue beneath the surface punching a hole in your business. You have no way to patch it - you may not even know it exists - and your cash flow and profitability are drowning fast. 


Your current accounting process could even be hiding this leak because you don’t have the numbers to help you fix it and make better decisions going forward! 


These issues are the icebergs hidden beneath the surface which can sink your business. It’s not pretty and it’s a titanic mistake to leave them unresolved. 


Luckily, you don’t have to. 


For most business owners, accounting is reactive. It’s all about putting numbers in boxes at the end of the year to keep you in compliance with the IRS. Don’t get me wrong, compliance is good, but it’s not enough.


What should your accounting system be doing?


Your system should make it possible to run your business much more efficiently and profitably. That takes a lot more than compliance. It takes proactive accounting.  


At Ayers Accounting, we’re thinking about the future of your business. We’ll take you step by step from where you are to where you want to be. 


What does that look like?


  • Clean up any lingering messes in your books, so we start with accurate data

  • Identify weak spots in your accounting process that steal your money every month

  • Improve invoicing and accounts receivable processes to speed collections and increase cash flow 

  • Clarify your internal reporting so you can make better, faster business decisions

  • Find your ideal tax strategy and build it into your plan to maximize after-tax profits


Whether you need a tune up or a complete overhaul of your accounting process, we’ll take care of everything to get you where you want to go. You’ll move into the future with clear, powerful processes that make the most of every dollar you earn.




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